Happtec Smart Gateway

Connecting Cobots with your existing production equipment

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Our Vision

Happtec’s vision is to contribute to the transformation of the conventional ways of manufacturing by expanding the scope of robotic applications.

We are intensely working with the adaption of high technology hardware and software in our constant strive to intensify the productivity and competitiveness of our customers.

What we provide

Happtec is more than “just” providing robots or integrating those to growth oriented companies.

In addition to be the supplier of the latest automation technology we combine our profound knowledge of flexible automation with sophisticated apps.

Furthermore, by providing access to exclusive and specific online data and by adding AI we have strong ambitions that our solutions will set a whole new standard.

We are looking forward to show how smarter robotics can be integrated in modern production facilities.

How we will make changes

By making our sophisticated solutions easily accessible to a far larger degree of manufacturing companies around the globe.

No matter the location, size or business of those companies, Happtec’s customized solutions will provide productive progress to all companies.

Who’s behind Happtec

The team behind Happtec consists of a highly experienced group of people from various parts of the robotic industry.


CTO Andreas Lyder is one of the founders and is fronting Happtec. Any inquiries you may have, feel free to contact CTO Andreas Holmtoft Lyder on info@happtec.dk


For media and press issues please contact PR- & Communication Manager Christian Eskelund-Hansen on ceh@happtec.dk

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